Monster High Freak du Chic Circus Scaregrounds Rochelle Goyle Doll


The Monster High ghouls know how to embrace their freaky flaws. At the ultimate skel-ebration of monster mania, the Freak du Chic dance, Rochelle Goyle will have a great time as the Mime Magnifique. And she will love hanging at the Freak du Chic Circus Scaregrounds play set! The playset includes a working swing, funhouse mirror, Manny Taur photo cutout, tightrope high above for Toralei (sold separately), and a tall post for Honey Swamp (sold separately). With Monster High icons and classic circus touches, the Freak du Chic funhouse looks scary cool. Plus, spots to store kids accessories make it functional too! Molded hanging pieces are perfect for jewelry, and a bowl below Rochelles swing can hold smaller treasures.

The included Rochelle Goyle doll looks rock-solid in an over-the-top clown-inspired outfit. Black and white stripes come to life with colorful accents, a ruffled skirt, bright blue trim belt and clown collar. Pink shoes and a clown hat headpiece complete the killer look. Additional accessories include clown glasses with a bright colorful nose and two other masks to play out the photo op fun.